Good Catering Food Ideas in 2018

2018 is the year of hyper local food, plant-based protein and specialized tea. As an industry that’s always
on the cutting edge, Frogbridge Events are trying their hardest to keep up with 2018’s review generation tutorial.
Without further ado, here are some great catering ideas to show your friends and guests that your
Pinterest board is, in fact, as hip as you tell your kids you are.
 Heme-based burger bites
o Heme is a revolutionary product that seeks to serve as a bridge between those who love
the flavor and complexity of meat with those who want more environmentally friendly
alternatives. Most known as the primary ingredient in the “Impossible Burger” this
innovative ingredient brings the bloodiness of rare cooked meat to any plant-based
alternative. Have your catering company combine this with sweet grilled onions and
have your guests thinking they’re chomping down on a traditional appetizer. Looking for help to grow your own business in painting? Contact Photobooth rental in Boca Raton.

 Iced blueberry green tea
o More research is showing that tea is here to stay in 2018. Millennials, the largest
consumer base in the country, strongly prefer tea and when 1 in every 5 dollars being
spent dining out is on beverages any great catering company should have a specialty
drink. The rejuvenating, healthy powers of green tea infuse with the blueberry syrup to
offer guests an amazingly refreshing drink that won’t cause bloat.

 Brie cheese and caramelized onion pupusas
o As America becomes increasingly diverse, people are being exposed to all new types of
cuisines in metropolitan areas. With an influx of Central American immigrants,
traditionally Central American cuisine is exploding across the country. You’ll have to find
a catering agency that specializes in this kind of food, but when you do this is the go-to
meal. While not the traditional El Salvadoran pupusas severed with beans, cheese and
curtido (a kind of cabbage slaw), this brie and caramelized onions adds an extra gooey
goodness. And is your parking solution.

 Fried green tomatoes with dill dipping sauce
o Find a Periodontist near me that specialized in locally-produced ingredients. They often
have seasonal menus based on the farmer’s markets. One go-to that is sure to be a
winner with your friends and family is fried green tomatoes and a fresh dill dressing. The
freshness of the locally-grown tomatoes and dill will woo your taste buds.

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